One Year Course

Feldenkrais for your Future IV starting 2018

There is still an opportunity to join this course, which is uniquely designed to provide an intensive learning experience in the Feldenkrais Method, scheduled as 8 weekends over a one-year period and is designed for personal development.

Although this course has already begun, we are welcoming anyone interested in joining to attend Weekend Two (September 28th-30th) as an introduction. Attendees can then decide whether to continue on the remainder of the course or attend further weekends on a drop in basis.

The cost of the remaining 7 weekends is £1050.00. The drop in cost per weekend is £180.00.

This course is set up to provide an intensive learning experience in The Feldenkrais Method, scheduled as 8 weekends over a one year period and is designed for personal development.

The course focuses on lessons in Awareness Through Movement, created by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. It begins with the early life movement discoveries of a baby and young child – a time when most organic learning took place. The lessons will then build on the foundation established from re-visiting this stage of development, and go on to include themes, such as:

  • Discovering Efficient Posture
  • Addressing Balance
  • Making Transitions
  • Falling Gracefully
  • Refining Vision
  • Improving the Function of Breathing
  • Challenging Habitual Thinking & Doing

There will be experiments in observation and contact designed to validate and enhance the learning from the Awareness Through Movement lessons. Each student (who attends at least 7 weekends) will also receive an individual lesson Functional Integration from a staff member as a part of the course. Additional individual lessons can also be arranged.

The Feldenkrais for your Future course is designed and taught by Garet Newell.

Click here to see this course featured in the April 2016 edition of Sussex Living magazine.

If you are interested, the initial step is to attend one of our Introductory Days at The Adastra Hall in Hassocks, West Sussex.  Please contact us for booking details.

Feldenkrais For Your Future IV Dates

Friday eve 27 – Sunday 29 July
Friday eve 28 – Sunday 30 September
Friday eve 2 – Sunday 4 November
Friday eve 30 November – Sunday 2 December
Friday eve 11 – Sunday 13 January
Friday eve 15 – Sunday 17 March
Friday eve 26 – Sunday 28 April
Friday eve 21 – Sunday 23 June

The times are Friday evenings: 7.00pm-9.00pm, Saturdays and Sundays 11.00am-4.00pm.

This course is designed for personal use only.

If you are interested in learning the Feldenkrais Method for professional use, please look at our 4 year professional trainings. Our next training is Sussex 11, which is scheduled to start in July 2019.

I experienced joy of learning that I had choices available, where I thought I had none, for easier and healthier movement to navigate life.

Ram Yajnik

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